Choosing Barn Roof Styles

Jun 3rd

Barn roof styles – Whether you rent a contractor or build it yourself, finding the right style of roof to install on your garage is important as it should complement the design of your home and reflect your own personal style as well as be practical for the climate in the area you live in. .

Gambrel Roof Barn


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The seat roof is standard, the most common style in the barn roof styles. This style of roof consists of two sloping sides. The triangular formation, where both parties connect are above the garage door and are most recommended for rainy and snowy climates. The sloping roof gives water and snow slide off easily and does not cause damage or rot. The reverse seat roof is similar to the seat roof, the only difference being that one of the slopes in the roof faces the front of the garage, above the door. This style is used by homeowners who have a similar roof style on the house and want to match patterns.

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Hip Take

The hip roof is a seat roof with four slightly sloping sides. The smaller barn roof styles are advantageous because it enables more storage capacity in the garage itself. This type of roof is also good for homeowners looking for a more durable and sturdy construction due to windy weather, strong kind of roof is because of the wooden beams that support it.