Budget Mailboxes Wood

May 23rd

Budget mailboxes can be built in wood, with styles from ornate and decorative boxes to simple boxes that are made just to get the job done. Building a decorative mailbox takes quite a bit for woodworking skills, including carving. Making a basic mailbox is much easier and can be done by someone with very little experience in carpentry. Once your basic box is complete, you can always add decorative details.

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Drag everyone in the budget mailboxes to pieces of wood and cut them out. The following paragraphs are to be cut: glue the front, back, side and bottom together the pieces. The edges of the underside should be in the front, back and sides. Add two wooden screws on each side about one inch from each corner to secure it to the bottom safer. Add three screws on both front and back, one in each corner and one in the middle.

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Put the top part on top of the budget mailboxes you just made. Because the front should be shorter than the back, the top of the play slopes down towards the front. Move the upper piece back so that the top edge of the upper piece is also with the back of the box. This will leave the lower edge of the upper part hanging over the back of the box. Let someone keep the puzzle piece in place for you or use a clip to hold the puzzle piece in place. Using fine grain sandpaper, grind the edge of the upper part until it is angled and aligns evenly with the backing. This allows your mailbox to open freely.

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